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Consulting & Ongoing Services

Invest wisely in your business journey. Salient Blooms offers flexible compensation plans, tailored to your needs—whether hourly or project-based. Discover the transformative advantages of our accounting, operational consulting, and ongoing services for sustained growth and success.

Ongoing Accounting Services
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Ongoing Accounting Services
Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly


Salient Blooms provides flexible, ongoing accounting services tailored to your schedule. Whether it's monthly check-ins, quarterly reviews, or annual audits, our team ensures your financial records remain accurate, compliant, and a strategic asset to your business growth..

Unlock the narrative within your financial data with Salient Blooms' custom income statements. Tailored to your business, these statements offer a comprehensive view of revenue, expenses, and profits. It's not just about numbers; it's about understanding the story they tell and making informed decisions for your company's future.


Salient Blooms simplifies the intricate process of setting up accounting software into a seamless journey. Salient Blooms extends the benefit of hosting a QuickBooks company file at no cost to our clients. We upload backup copies, providing assurance that their data remains unaffected, even if they decide to switch CPA firms. By working in tandem with your POS and other Software as a Service (SaaS) programs, we generate meaningful financials, all without incurring any charges for our clients. Save on subscription-based accounting software and experience comprehensive financial solutions without added costs.

Accounting Software & Setup


At Salient Blooms, we go beyond the numbers, crafting custom financial statements, profit and loss (P&L) reports, and balance sheets (BS) that form the backbone of insightful financial decisions. We meticulously align income categories with their corresponding expenses, providing a comprehensive view of your financial landscape. Our expertise extends to accurate liability and equity tracking, including precise loan monitoring, ensuring your financial position is transparent and compliant.


Our reports not only empower your day-to-day operations but also serve as a robust defense in the face of IRS scrutiny. Trust Salient Blooms to transform your financial data into a strategic asset for your business.

Custom Income Statements
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Elevating Businesses
with Strategy

Business Optimization

Salient Blooms can help guide the way in business optimization, tailoring your processes for peak efficiency.


Once custom income statements are crafted, financial analysis naturally guides operational changes. We are advocates of operational optimization. Whether it's SaaS development, branding, or UX/UI website design, Salient Blooms infuses innovation into your operations. Our thorough understanding of your needs can help us enhance productivity and position your business for sustained success in today's dynamic market.


Uncover insights into your profit allocation and seamlessly adjust operations for growth. Identify opportunities for automation, streamlining labor, and integrating the right SaaS tools. Our expertise extends to building bespoke SaaS solutions, including CRM systems, internal process development, and training materials.


By understanding your unique needs, we deliver results that save costs, boost productivity, and foster accountability and morale. For our Dallas Fort Worth clients, we offer on-site visits to deepen our understanding of your operations.

From SaaS development to branding and UX/UI website design, we infuse innovation into your business. Embrace operational refinement with Salient Blooms, ensuring sustained success in a dynamic market.


At Salient Blooms, financial analysis is more than a routine; it's a strategic imperative. We delve deep into your financial data, extracting valuable insights that drive intelligent decision-making. From trend analysis to risk assessment, our financial analysis services empower your business to navigate the complex landscape with confidence.

Financial Analysis
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